Services Program Management

Many people believe program management relies upon the leadership of a technical subject matter expert managing the efforts of others through an implementation. This could not be farther from the truth. Program Management has matured into a discipline with proven processes and certified professionals. PetaForce provides expertise in complete Program Management frameworks, including defined, proven, repeatable processes and standardized tools to maximize efficiency and success. Our expert Program Management consultants can lead in establishing an effective PMO, or assist with fine-tuning existing program practices within your organization, to ensure a comprehensive program management framework within which all program aspects are properly addressed.

  • Active program portfolio management promotes synergy between efforts and focuses limited resources to providing the highest level of overall business benefit
  • Proven, repeatable, consistent processes provide efficient execution while limiting risk of programs failing to meet their business objectives/potential
  • Effective, standardized tools enhance program execution quality while facilitating comprehensive communication and understanding for all stakeholders

The Problem:

Most organizations limit project scope to little more than technical implementations. New technology
by itself brings little benefit - unless it can be used and is accepted by business end-users. We look at
proper scope to include not only technology implementation, but also process fit and people readiness.

  • Develop Business Cases to specifically define and document expected returns on investments.
    • Define business problems and opportunities in terms of business impact
    • Quantify program benefits in business terms, with true business value

  • Define the solution as an integrated set of changes to technology, processes and people.

  • Establish true partnership with business units.
    • Agreement on goals and approach
    • Commitment to provide necessary support during program execution
    • Cooperative development of effective Change Management plans
    • Multi-level Communications throughout the project lifecycle
    • Active promotion of change acceptance and successful adoption

How we solve this:

PetaForce educates your PMO staff on internationally-accepted, proven Program/Project methodologies to ensure a solid, working understanding of best practices. A review of your organizationís project processes, procedures, and tools enables us to show your PMO ways to further minimize project risks, maximize project successes, and increase returns of business value.

Virtually all organizations face tough decisions about prioritizing deployment of limited resources - both financial and human. Our Program Management experts will validate that your PMO consistently relies on fact-based decision-making for truly effective project portfolio management that results in the highest returns on your project investments.

A great methodology can only reduce risk and maximize program/project successes if used consistently and correctly. PetaForce will help your PMO establish project auditing procedures to ensure complete and proper methodology use - starting with portfolio management and running through to project close-outs.