Services Mobility

Case Study:

Mobile Solution Provider

The increase of wireless devices in the modern workplace brings the challenge of managing, securing and supporting a diverse new array of assets - among them PDAs, smartphones, laptops, and non-traditional handheld devices like iPads and Android based tablets.

The Problem:

A key challenge for businesses is how to enable users to take full advantage of this emerging technology, while managing the significant complexity, costs and risks that can be created by a mobile workforce.

  • Businesses are either looking for a competitive advantage or a means to reduce costs
  • Enterprises invest heavily to mobilize workforces
  • Executive usage is hard to scale to everyone, and usually focuses on dashboard style views
  • Security and compliance is a must
  • The notion of “location” is becoming more relevant
  • The iPad is an emerging platform for enterprise use, still needing proof of value

How we solve this:

We can help your organization by providing services and solutions that craft and align your mobile strategy.

Most customers need:

  • Mobility strategy
  • Architecture blueprint & detailed design
  • Development assistance and mobility roadmap
  • Project prioritizations
  • Policy and process definitions
  • Key metrics and the funding model
  • Mobility Center of Excellence (CoE) with education, training and customer enablement
  • Organizational alignment for development, management, and governance