Services Education Services

PetaForce offers a variety of education opportunities.

Services Oriented Architecture Workshops related to our IT Transformation Services:

  • "SOA with Purpose" - A 3-day introductory SOA workshop
  • "SOA Governance" - A 2-day workshop focused on SOA Governance (Coming Soon!)
  • "SOA Evangalism" - A 1-day workshop on becoming a better SOA Evangalist and IT Champion (Coming Soon!)
  • "SOA for Managers" - A 2-day SOA workshop for management (Coming Soon!)

If you’re looking to develop SOA expertise we can teach you the fundamentals and guide you toward a starting point.  If you need to refine and enhance your existing knowledge we can teach you SOA best practices and service governance techniques.

Process Improvement Workshops related to our Process Excellence Services:

  • "Improving your Processes" - Related to our Process Excellence services (Coming Soon!)

If you are in need of refining, consolidating or expanding your business processes, we can educate you in the best practices and process governance techniques.