About Us History

PetaForce was created by Carlin Dornbusch to help businesses improve their market positions. Carlin left his corporate job in 2006 to become more focused in sharing his skills with other businesses, leveraging his experience in enterprise software sales, services and engineering. Through PetaForce he has since taken on the roles of CTO, CIO, COO, VP of Engineering and Advisor. His core competencies of strategic planning, technology leverage, change management and culture cultivation are made available to all of PetaForce's clients.

PetaForce has grown over the years and is now servicing some of the largest companies in the United States.  We have also partnered with a few firms whom we feel bring to bear the best product experience for our clients.  As such, PetaForce has a strong network of suppliers from application hosting, infrastructure management, application development, and enterprise software solutions. We treat each client as if it were our own business by instilling sustainable processes, aligning organizations to corporate goals and providing guidance in corporate structure.

Our resources are seasoned professionals, allowing our customers to share in our collective knowledge and strengths while gaining a competitive edge in their market.